Electric Bikes

E-bikes or electric bikes are bicycles with batteries and motors to assist when you push the pedals. These pedelecs will amplify your pedalling power and ability to make more possibilities, help you go further and explore more than ever before without arriving at your destination out of breath.

 Whether you need recreation, exercise, or commuting, Foxze-bike can provide electric mountain bikes and electric hybrid bikes for sale to fit your needs and budget, suitable for men and women. You can choose step-through electric bikes for easy hop on or off or pick classic crossbar ebikes if you like. Ebikes with a mid-drive motor can ensure smooth and farther riding, but these electric bikes are under $2000 and cost more than ebikes with a hub motor; these ebikes are under $500.

The good thing is that now you can buy Eskute ebikes online on finance with free delivery in the US.

Netuno E-Mountain Bike

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The Netuno electric mountain bike is designed for off-road environments and is suitable for those looking for assistance to get over bumps or conquer terrains. With long-lasting battery support, the eMTB for sale can expand your boundaries and travel to destinations you never thought you’d reach on a mountain bike.

Polluno Electric City Bike

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The Polluno electric hybrid bike is a comfortable and versatile city ebike powered by a rear-engine, helps you from A to B with no sweat and pedals towards a greener and more environmentally friendly future. The ebike is easy to get on or off for ladies or seniors with a step-through frame design. 

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The Polluno Pro is a modern hybrid e-bike. It is designed to be your best partner for daily commuting in the city or the countryside, allowing you to move around with efficient pedalling support, ensuring safety and comfort. The step-through electric bike for sale also offers simple access for riders.

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The Netuno Pro electric MTB is designed to satisfy the most demanding cyclists, equipped with a powerful mid-engine that offers a smooth ride and a natural pedalling sensation. The e-mountain bike outputs infinite power at your feet, with constant and precise support to guarantee effortless rides. 

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Wayfarer electric bike is the only e-bike you need to consider for everyday e-biking. It’s perfect for the urban commute, fun leisure rides, and everything. It does not look like an ebike with an in-frame battery that stays inconspicuous and keeps the chance of theft down. In short, it’s the cheapest electric bike for sale we have in the UK.

Which Model Suits You Best?

Model: Netuno

Electric Mountain Bikes (Netuno/ Netuno Pro)

Designed for off-road travels to conquer terrain, tackle climbs and long distances, or with the help of reliable assistance.

  • Tyre size: Kenda 27.5” x 2.1”
  • Frame type: Step-over
  • Mudguards: Not included
  • Rack: Not included


Electric Hybrid Bikes (Polluno/ Polluno Pro)

Perfect for city riding, roads, and cycle paths, a good choice for commuting in the city or countryside with efficient pedalling support.

  • Tyre size: Kenda 28″ x 1.75″
  • Frame type: Step-through
  • Mudguards: Included 
  • Rack: Included

Model: Polluno

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