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The Foxze-bikes Brand Story

Foxze-Bikes Bike was founded by Alan in 2019. He was driven by the desire to offer high-quality electric bikes at a much affordable price to our customers. Alan and his team believe that electric bikes provide a clean alternative to transportation and play a significant role in reducing pollution.

Due to the COVID-19, while taking public transportation, people are showing an increased interest in getting their personal vehicles of commute, for example, electric bikes. The market is showing the ever-increasing demand for electric bikes during the pandemic. 

Foxze-Bikes’ Bike is a fast-growing ebike company. We keep offering more choices to people who e-bike to commute and those who e-bike for leisure. It strives to capture a confident, carefree life intended for customers by relentlessly inventing creative innovations.

Why Choose Foxze-bikes?

We provide the best quality products at the best possible price because we are a direct-to-customer business. So, no matter what your age or what your job is, no matter who you are or where you come from, we strive to offer cost-efficient electric bikes for you.

  • 2-Year Warranty:  Shop with confidence
  • 15-days Return: Free Fast Shipping from USA Warehouse
  • Cost-effective: Direct to consumer pricing
  • Best Satisfaction: Secure payment with Shopify

Our mission of Poland based factory is to make the best bicycles, and to have fun doing it. For 10 years, we’ve been doing just that, and finding unique and innovative solutions for everything from suspension design to manufacturing processes along the way. We have own brand “Foxze-bikes” in 2019 while we are in this industry for over 10 years.

We offer 5-8 days free fast shipping to all customers. 

Our Mission

Ride for Freedom

You will never be caught in traffic congestion again. Experience the freedom an electric bike has to offer. Don’t want to arrive all hot and sweaty? No worries! Get a Foxze-bikes’ bike!

Ride for Fun

Get ready to explore anywhere you want! Whether you are on vacation, out with friends, exploring with a sweetheart, or just want to go for an adventure, our electric bike make all possible.

A Foxze-bikes’ pedelec doesn’t run on fossil fuels, so it doesn’t emit greenhouse gases. Riding a bike expands your eco-friendly footprint by keeping you off the city’s congested streets. You’re giving the planet a much-needed break.

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