EMU E-Bike Replacement / Spare Battery 36V


Compatible with all of Emu’s Bike Models:

Crossbar eBikes:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Racing Green

Step Through eBikes

  • White
  • Blue
  • Black


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EMU E-Bike Battery 36V – Three Range Options

EMU E-Bike Replacement By having an extra battery to-hand you remove the unnecessary stress of waiting for a full charge. It also provides you with peace of mind on those extra-long journeys. EMU E-Bike Replacement

Emu Step Through Electric Bike

Designed for use in all of our electric bikes, the 36 volt SDI eBike Battery (powered with Samsung battery cells) has an in-built ‘Smart Battery Management System’ to achieve the lowest self-discharge rate, helping to increase battery life from a single charge.

The battery provides enough power to tackle steep slopes and can be easily removed and fitted into the frame.


  • Model: Samsung battery cells
  • 10.4Ah – 25-30 miles
  • 11.6Ah – up to 56 miles
  • 13.6Ah – up to 65 miles
  • Voltage: 36
  • Avg. Distance: 25-50 Miles
  • Charge time: 6-8 hours from flat

10.4AH 25-30 MILES, 11.6AH UP TO 56 MILES, 13.6AH UP TO 65 MILES


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