Rad Mission Battery Pack


  • Lockable and removable with the keys included with your bike
  • Built-in charge level indicator

All ebikes come with a battery, only purchase if you want an extra or need a replacement. Additional Battery Charger is not included. Battery purchases are final, batteries cannot be returned. View our full return policy here. Replacement batteries have an additional $60 shipping charge.

Sizing And Capacity 

Weight: 7 lb (3.2 kg) Capacity: 504 Wh



Rad Mission Battery Pack

The Rad Mission Battery Pack securely mounts to the base and can be locked into place with the keys included with your bike. Rad Power Bike batteries are designed for easy removal – no disconnecting of wires – allowing you to charge indoors or extend your ride by swapping in a fully charged battery.


RadMission 1 only

Installation And use 

For installation instructions, please reference the owner’s manual that came with the bike.


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