Brompton Electric C Line Explore Electric Folding Bike In 9 Colours


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Colours High, Mid
Sizes Black, Black Lacquer, Cloud Blue, Fire Coral, Flame Lacquer, House Red, Matcha Green, Racing Green, Turkish Green
Brand Brompton
Model Year 2023
SKUs / Part Numbers ElecCLineExpBHI, ElecCLineExpBLHI, ElecCLineExpBLMID, ElecCLineExpBMID, ElecCLineExpCBHI, ElecCLineExpCBMID, ElecCLineExpFCHI, ElecCLineExpFCMID, ElecCLineExpFLHI, ElecCLineExpFLMID, ElecCLineExpHRHI, ElecCLineExpHRMID, ElecCLineExpMGHI, ElecCLineExpMGMID, ElecCLineExpRGHI, ElecCLineExpRGMID, ElecCLineExpTGHI, ElecCLineExpTGMID


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Brompton Electric C Line Explore Electric Folding Bike 

Brompton Electric C Line. If you’re looking for a lightweight electric bike that takes you anywhere and goes everywhere, meet the Brompton Electric Folding Bike. The most compact folding ebike.

Whether you want to make your commute more joyful, get back into cycling after a break or tackle steep hills, the Brompton Electric delivers the same original 3-part fold the Brompton is famous for with all the oomph and ease of an Electric boost.

Power your ride when you need it, and stash it safely away indoors when you don’t.

The Electric C Line brings the same ‘go-anywhere joy’ the Brompton bike is famous for with the oomph and ease of electric. The Smart Pedal Assist knows exactly when to kick-in (smoothly). A compact motor that does the hard work for you. And with a detachable battery pack it’s as easy to charge as your phone.

The Brompton Electric folding ebike has 4 powered-modes:

  • Mode 0– No powered assistance. The clutch disconnects automatically to allow the wheel to roll with minimal resistance. On Mode 0 the riding experience is just the same as riding a non-powered Brompton folding bike, and conserves the battery for the longest amount of time.
  • Mode 1– Minimal electric motor assistance. The rider does most of the work – when pulling away from a red light or riding up hills, you get a short boost to get a move on. When riding steady, the bike gives a bit of an electric-powered tailwind.
  • Mode 2– The recommended setting for most riders. Perfect for gentle hills, rolling terrain, light headwinds and stop-start traffic in the city. Get a strong boost when setting off.
  • Mode 3– The most power. Fantastic for riding hilly terrain and taking on strong headwinds. Also perfect for those looking for a more leisurely ride on any terrain.

The pedal rotation sensor on the Brompton Electric folding bike features a smart torque sensor to measure the exact amount of pressure you put on the pedals. Offers smoother and more direct assistance to give a natural-feeling boost. The more you pedal, the more surge you feel from the support the Brompton Electric folding bike provides. Similarly, when you want to slow down, the sensor will adapt and lower the assistance provided by the motor. 

On a full charge, the Brompton Electric C Line can travel up to 15.5mph (25kmh) and has a range of 20 – 45 miles. Riding with the highest level of assistance (Mode 3) will have a range of approximately 20 miles before needing a charge. When riding with lower levels of assistance, you can ride up to 45 miles before needing a charge. You can fully charge the Brompton Electric battery in 4 hours (or 2 hours using the fast charger) there is even an integrated USB port for charging your phone.This may vary depending on rider weight and circumstances like terrain or wind; hillier terrain or strong headwinds will use more battery as you pedal harder to ride.Developed with the experts at Williams Advanced Engineering using Formula E car racing technology, all Brompton Electric bikescome with a 300wh lithium-ion battery that attaches securely to the front of your Brompton in a lightweight 2.9kg package with 1.5L of storage for your essentials in a zipped front pocket, with a side pocket for a 0.5L water bottle.

Compact and easy to store, the Brompton Electric folding bike has all the benefits of an ebike, packed into the original 3-part fold. It takes around 20 seconds to transform your bike into a small compact package (585mm high x 565mm long x 270mm wide) that you can tow, stow and carry anywhere. Rush-hour trains, underground, overground, on boats or in car boots. You can tuck away your Brompton Electric under your desk at work, in a cafe or safely at home – there’s no need to leave it outside.
What’s Included

  • Manual, keys and charger included
  • Built, configured and tested by fully trained approved technician
  • Full technical handover and ongoing support if required
  • We offer a free follow up service at 175 miles


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