Ebike Conversion Kits in 2022: Everything You Need to Know

Compared to your regular bike, electric bikes are a more comfortable and convenient way to move. They are the ideal bike for use in today’s technologically driven world. Almost everyone prefers an ebike due to the numerous advantages they have.

However, these bikes are very expensive and cost a lot to purchase. Even the low-budget ones require significant investment if you are an average earner. 

Regardless of the bike you drive, with the correct ebike conversion kits, you can improve your riding experience. The best part is that you don’t need to purchase a new bike. Converting your old bicycle to an electric one is a great way to save money while still getting the same benefits. 

To make your work easier, we’ve highlighted the types of electric bike conversion kits. We have 

also provided some helpful tips to assist you in making the right purchase decision. 

What Types Of Ebike Conversion Kits Are Available?

When you’re new to ebike conversion kits, you might have difficulty choosing the right type for your bike. To make this decision more accessible, we have divided them into three major categories:

  • Mid Drive Conversion Kit
  • Front Drive Conversion Kit
  • Rear Drive Conversion Kit

Mid Drive Conversion Kit 

Mid-drive conversion kits are ideal for mountain and off-road bikes. As the name implies, the kit has a motor that sits between the pedals.

They are lightweight and offer greater torque compared to other conversion kits. Although quite expensive, they provide optimal performance. 


Front Drive Conversion Kit 

A front-drive conversion kit has a motor that is easily fitted and maintained, but its performance and power output are deficient. These kits are best for riding around daily. Due to their low price, they are the most common ebike conversion kit type you’ll find. 

You can easily change the tire with the front-drive conversion kit compared to the rear-drive kit. A downside to this conversion kit type is that due to the weight of the front hub motor, it can cause damage to the front forks of your bike.

Rear Drive Conversion Kit 

Although this kit has a motor that provides more efficient performance than the front hub motor, it also has shortcomings. Like the front-drive conversion kit, this kit is relatively cheap. They are, however, slightly tricky to install, making changing tires very difficult. 

Due to the weight over the rear, the rear-drive motor handles more power than the other conversion kit motors. However, placing your battery at the rear can lead to an unbalanced feel.

What To Look For In The Best Ebike Conversion Kits Before Purchase?

Whenever you are looking to purchase ebike conversion kits, you need to watch out for a few features before making a decision. Some of the things to look out for include:


Regardless of how this might sound, not all ebike conversion kits come with batteries. The average ebike battery is very expensive and costs much. You’ll save money and energy if you choose ebike conversion kits with batteries.


Ebike’s motor is one of the components in ebike conversion kits that is often overlooked. There are two kinds of motors in a typical conversion kit; brushed and brushless. 

The brushless motor is the one you will find in most kits. They are expensive but offer better power output and are less prone to wear and tear, so we recommend them. 


For better riding efficiency, you need a sound lighting system. Investing in ebike conversion kits with a suitable LED or LCD lamp makes riding safe and fun. 

Are Ebike Conversion Kits Good?

FnF research states that the demand for e-bikes has skyrocketed recently, with no sign of slowing down soon. For most people that can’t afford a new ebike, an ebike conversion kit is their best option. There are several reasons for this, and we have listed them below. 

  1.  With ebike conversion kits, you wouldn’t need to spend much, making it possible to save money for other activities. Investing your money in ebike conversion kits is cheaper and more convenient than getting a car.
  2. Ebike conversion kits are relatively easy to install. There are lots of do-it-yourself conversion kits available in the market. Folks that find it challenging to install the kits themselves can employ the services of their mechanic, which is even a relatively cheaper option than getting a new ebike.
  3. You reduce waste and recycle simultaneously by transforming your old bike into an ebike. 
  4. Using an ebike is also a more eco-friendly way to commute than driving a car. Ebikes don’t use gasoline as an energy source, so riding them helps reduce carbon footprint
  5. Pedal power in ebikes is the same as that of a traditional bike, so you receive the same exercise benefits. 

Should I Get A Conversion Kit Or Buy A New Ebike?

Whether you purchase a new ebike or convert an existing traditional bike to an ebike, the end product remains an ebike. Although the process might differ, doing both results in a better and more convenient riding experience. 

The decision then boils down to one preference, budget, and resources. Getting a new ebike might be the best option for those with purchasing power, especially for those not ready to go through the hassle of installing the kits. 

Converting their traditional bike to an ebike would also be the most logical decision for those on a tight budget. Thus availing the consumers the opportunity to spend less while getting value for their investment.

Ideally, riders cannot transform all bikes into electric bikes. Some traditional bikes might be unable to handle the impact of adding an electric motor. It could increase its torque and might affect its brake efficiency. For the best advice, you should consult your mechanic to determine if your bike is suitable for conversion. 

What Do I Need For An Ebike Conversion?

Several tools and the necessary conversion kits are needed to put together an ebike conversion. Ideally, your old bike should be suitable for conversion. It would be best if you had screwdrivers, crank arm tools, and adjustable wrenches. 



Undoubtedly, transforming your old bike into an ebike is an excellent idea. Besides saving you a lot of money, it takes your riding experience to a new level. You can make this happen by investing in the correct ebike conversion kits. 

Make sure, however, that you do your research beforehand and read reviews from buyers before you invest in any. By doing so, you get an ebike conversion kit that will serve you for many years. If you prefer to buy a new ebike instead, Eskute offers a wide range of ebike optionsContact us today!

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