Second Hand Electric Bikes or New E-bikes – Which Should You Buy?

Electric bikes are becoming more popular, and for a good reason. These machines provide a comfortable and less strenuous way of staying mobile while burning calories. However, brand new e-bikes do not come cheap, which might prompt you to buy a second-hand one. 

So, should you opt for a second-hand electric bike or buy a new e-bike? We’ll answer all these questions and highlight several pros and cons associated with both options. Keep reading to find out the best option for you! 


Second Hand Electric Bike

Buying second-hand items are a nifty way to save money on an item that would cost more if newly purchased, and it is the same for second-hand electric bikes. There are several pros and cons associated with purchasing second-hand electric bikes, which we discuss below. 

The Pros

  • Less Expensive

One significant benefit of purchasing a second-hand electric bike is that they are less expensive. In comparison to new e-bikes, you can save money on extra fees. If the electric bike is in excellent condition, it could be an excellent investment. 

Furthermore, purchasing a used e-bike saves you money on insurance. On top of that, because a second-hand electric bike is less expensive than a new e-bike, you’ll pay lesser tax fees. The lower the electric bike cost, the fewer taxes you pay on the purchase.

  • More Purchasing Options

Second-hand electric bicycles have more choices for prospective buyers to choose from. For instance, if you love an older e-bike model and the manufacturer has stopped production, a used electric bike might be your best option.  

  • The warranty may still be valid.

If you buy a used e-bike, you might be lucky and find out that the warranty may still be applicable. As a result, you have more assurance when you drive. In addition, as long as the bike is legally transferred to you, you can enjoy the warranty. So, ensure you obtain a legal document confirming that you own the bike.


Now that we’ve discussed a few benefits of purchasing used e-bikes let’s review the cons.

  • Shorter lifespan

Generally, second-hand electric bikes are not as durable as new ones. Since the bikes have already been used, the vehicle will expectedly face wear and tear, reducing the lifespan. 

Consequently, this will reduce the vehicle’s durability, making purchasing a used bike riskier. Furthermore, a second-hand e-bike may develop several issues you weren’t privy to when buying it. In addition, the likelihood of the device being under warranty is very slim. As a result, if anything happens to the bike, you will have to foot the bill. 

  • Obsolete Features

Some features on second-hand e-bikes are typically obsolete because of their older production date. Therefore, buying a second-hand bike isn’t your best option if you’re interested in all the latest e-bike bells and whistles. 

Finding spare parts may be a nightmare as the parts will have been out of the market for a long while. 

  • Possibility of buying a previously stolen bike

With the high demand for e-bikes, theft is at an all-time high. You might get a stolen item when you do not conduct proper diligence before purchasing. To avoid this, always request proof of ownership from the seller, especially when buying from online marketplaces. 

New E-bike

Purchasing a brand new e-bike brings some confidence. At this same time, a new e-bike purchase has several benefits and drawbacks. Let’s examine them. 

The Pros

New bikes have several features that make them appealing to buyers. Here are two pros of buying new e-bikes. 

  • More Reliable

Simply put, new e-bikes are modern and more dependable than second-hand models. Furthermore, they are generally easier to ride because newer bikes are lighter thanks to recent technology. This is great for first-time riders as the bike responds to commands better.

  • No Unknown Defects

The greatest pleasure of buying something new is the feeling that the item is in pristine condition. As a result, you need not worry about any defects with the equipment. With a new e-bike, there will be no issues with the equipment and its components. 

In case you encounter any factory issues, all you need to do is return the model to the seller and replace it with a new one. Every component on the machine will be new. As a result, you can ride it for years before it requires maintenance.

  • Better for the environment

Since you are buying a recent model, the features are better and reduce your carbon footprint significantly. 

  • Lesser Depreciation 

Most items lose value over time. Compared with a used ebike, a new bike retains its value better.


There aren’t many cons associated with buying a new e-bike. Let’s look at the most important disadvantages of purchasing a new electric bike.

  • More Expensive

Cost is perhaps the most significant con of new electric bikes. Generally, new e-bikes are more expensive than second-hand electric bikes. A new ebike has a lot of expensive parts, all of which may not come with the initial package. 

So, a new bike might not be an option if you are on a tight budget.

  • Heavier Weight

New ones might not be for you if you prefer lighter electric bikes. Due to the inclusion of new battery models and motors, they weigh more than older generations. 

Tips for Buying a Second Hand Electric Bike

Several factors to consider before splurging on that second-hand bike you like. The following tips will assist you when buying a second-hand electric bike. 

Examine the Bike’s Condition

If you’re looking to buy a second-hand e-bike, you must first examine the bike’s overall condition. This step is essential because you’ll have a better idea of how the e-bike was used, if there are any defects and if it is worth the investment. Pay attention to any scratches or rust on the machine to see if you may need to spend money to fix it. 

Do not forget to examine the condition of the tires, brakes, chain, and other essential parts. Additionally, request for invoices showing when these items were last changed or repaired. When purchasing a second-hand electric bike, ensure it has been regularly checked and serviced by an expert.

Check the Battery

Generally, e-bike batteries lose capacity over time, causing them to drain quicker and require more frequent charging. A general principle is that an electric bike’s battery should be changed every five to six years. 

Therefore, before buying a used e-bike, request the age. If you’re buying a five-year-old e-bike with the original battery still inside, it would be best to look into the price of a new battery and factor that into the negotiations. 

Consider Mileage 

Most electric bikes include an odometer, providing a simple way to determine the vehicle’s overall mileage. Make sure the mileage matches the machine’s price and overall condition.

However, note that a bike with very low mileage is terrible news. Even though this means the bikes have been relatively unused, the battery condition will likely be poor because it hasn’t been used well enough.

Request a Test Drive

It is important not to purchase a second-hand bike without first taking it for a spin. Not only will you notice if the frame fits your build, but you will also notice how the various parts interact. Ensure you pay attention to the motor, brakes, suspension, etc. 

Riding the bike gives you the details you need. Another tip is to drive on different surfaces to see how it moves. If the seller doesn’t agree to a test drive, that’s an indication you need to find a new seller.

a girl with helmet is riding electric bike on the road

Obtain Proof of Ownership

Before finalizing any transaction, ensure you obtain proof of ownership. The document legally transfers ownership of the item and any policies, such as the warranty, to you. By signing this document, you protect yourself and the seller.

Our Verdict

While buying a second-hand ebike may save money, it is best to purchase a new bike. That is because new bikes are more reliable and come with warranties. You also avoid the stress that might come with buying a used item. 

If you value quality and longevity regardless of price, a new electric bike is the best way. When you buy a new ebike from foxze-bikes, you get value for your money, quality, and warranty. And luckily, we have a small quantity of used electric bikes for sale now. Our customers return them for personal reasons and are checked for standard work before delivery. If you’re on a budget, they’re good options to purchase from our official store than someone you don’t know. 

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