Bosch eBike Smart System Charger (4A)


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Buy Bosch eBike Smart System Charger. Bosch chargers are handy, lightweight and robust. The housings are designed without vents to protect the chargers from dirt and grime. Wherever your journey may take you: With the 2A Compact Charger, 4A Standard Charger or the 6A Fast Charger, Bosch has developed three models that will charge your eBike quickly and reliably.

Compact Charger: Bosch eBike Smart System Charger
The Compact Charger is the ideal charger for all eBikers who travel a lot. It weighs less than 600 grams and is 40% less bulky than the Standard Charger. The Compact Charger can also be used in the USA, Canada and Australia with mains voltages of 110 to 230 Volts.

Standard Charger: Bosch eBike Smart System Charger
The robust, functional 4 A Standard Charger is the all-rounder among Bosch chargers. It off ers the ideal balance of performance, weight and size and is extremely versatile.

Fast Charger: Bosch eBike Smart System Charger
The Fast Charger is currently the fastest eBike charger in its class and will recharge the eBike battery in the shortest possible time. After just three hours, the powerful PowerTube 500 or PowerPack 500 are fully recharged. The Fast Charger needs just over one hour to charge a battery to 50% capacity. This makes it the perfect charger for fast recharging while on a trip. The Fast Charger is ideal for eBikes that are often used and frequently charged.

4A Charger: Energy in an instant
The 4A Charger is the perfect charger with many advantages: It loads quickly, is easy to use and is visually appealing. The small and lightweight charger is ideal for on-the-go charging and supplies the PowerTube 750 with the necessary energy in no time: It takes six hours to fully charge the battery, and just over two hours for 50% of a battery charge. The perfect opportunity for a restful break along the way.


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